10Tec/vbAccelerator ImageList OCX

General info

Our demos use one ActiveX control, vbAccelerator ImageList, originally developed by Steve McMahon and published on his website www.vbaccelerator.com. We use this control instead of the standard Microsoft ImageList control from Visual Basic as the vbAccelerator version provides much more features and works properly in such latest versions of OS as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

However, during many years of the use of this excellent control a lot of bugs have been found by us and our customers. Unfortunately, Steve McMahon no longer supports his talented tools, but he gave us a permission to do that. As a result, the 10Tec version of vbAccelerator ImageList was created, and it is still supported by us. In our version we have fixed all the numerous revealed bugs and even implemented some enhancements which make the control friendlier for the developer. The control was recompiled with a new class and program identifiers (CLSID and ProgID) in order to avoid any conflicts with the original version. All the changes made by us are reflected in the supplied description files.

Demo application

Below you see a screenshot of the demonstration application. It demonstrates the main functions you get with this enhanced ImageList control:

Demo application for the ImageList ocx

As you can see, the image list component allows you to draw the images on a surface using the selected, disabled or cut effects. At run-time, you can upload images into your image lists not only from a file on your hard drive, but also from a resource of your app or even a VB PictureBox object (and you can also get any image from your image list as the standard VB Picture object as well).

And pay attention to the important fact that the ImageList supports 32-bit icons with alpha channel available in such modern Windows systems as XP, Vista and Windows 7!

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