Group Rows & Merged Cells in 10Tec ActiveX Grid

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The iGrid ActiveX grid control allows you to group rows and merge cells, and you can do that using different ways.

Group rows and row text cells

iGrid creates standard group rows when you group iGrid by some columns, but it also provides you with the ability to create so-called row text cells which are drawn under the normal cells in a row and looks like message preview in MS Outlook. You can combine these two features in the same grid and create Outlook-like grids like this:

Outlook-like ActiveX grid with group rows and merged cells

Looking at the screenshot, you can notice that iGrid gives you an option to draw the row text cells starting from any column but not only from the first visible one.

Group rows created manually

You can also use cell grouping from your code to create Outlook-like grouped cells and group rows and set their properties manually in your own grouping algorithms. The text in the grouped cells (group rows and row text cells) can be formatted using all the cell formatting options available for the iGrid normal cells. In addition to such standard things as setting the horizontal and vertical alignment and using different fonts, you can also hide the plus/minus group row buttons used to collapse or expand them and even place your own icons inside the group rows!

The following example demonstrates how this ability is used to create custom total rows in iGrid:

Group rows created manually in iGrid ActiveX grid

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