Hi there

In my grid, row 1 is frozen. FitContentsInViewport does not seem to cater for such a frozen row. Any chance of adding this capability?
Can you post a screenshot demonstrating your problem?
2 rows as is
test 1.png

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Scroll showing that column1 stays in the viewport

test 2 (2).png

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Fixed row but column1 not in the viewport after scroll

test 3 (2).png

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It's hard to understand what you are doing without seeing your source code.. Please, confirm the following points:
1) The cells in the first column has the FitContentsInViewport property set to 'Vertical'.
2) The problem is on the 3rd screenshot. The first cell in the 2nd row must remain non-scrolled vertically while the other cells in this row are scrolled according to the vertical scroll bar.
So, if we understand you properly, actually the FitContentsInViewport setting does not work for NON-FROZEN rows when they are scrolled, right?
If so, I doubt we can make FitContentsInViewport work for non-frozen rows because the nature of this functionality is related to the whole viewport area and the current internal drawing implementation that uses GDI+ clipping for scrolled non-frozen rows when they are hidden by the frozen rows.