Hi Guys
Seems that the attachment paperclip above doesn't work in a reply to a private message.
The pop-up appears but clicking on the Upload New File(s) button just closes the pop-up.
I've tried this in Chrome and Firefox. Same issue.

My only way around it was to upload in a bogus post thus adding it to my album then select it from the list above the upload button.

And then when I inspect the inserted file in my reply to a private message I cannot download it myself. Its listed there, but no link.

Any ideas?
We use the YetAnotherForum.NET  engine for this forum. I'll tell the developers of YAF about this problem.
The developers of YAF confirmed that this is a bug in their implementation and promised to fix it in the next update. We'll update our forum engine too when their fix is ready.
The forum engine was updated to the version in which the problem with adding attachments to private messages has been fixed.

Try this feature and let us know whether it works now.