The new generation of our flagship WinForms grid control, iGrid.NET X, is on the way to the public release.

iGrid.NET X is a big revamp of the existing 10Tec WinForms grid control with a cleaner modern UI and support for high-resolution screens and tablets:

iGrid.NET X: WinForms grid with high-resolution screen support.

The work on this product was started in spring 2019 when we decided to release a product that suits the modern software and hardware environment. In addition to that, we wanted to enhance existing grid control based on customer requests gathered since the first versions. Many of these improvements could not be done in the original product and required rewriting of its basic infrastructure modules. Now this hard and long work is close to the end.

In addition to aforementioned features, iGrid.NET X brings numerous improvements related to usual interface tasks, such as x-buttons in column headers of grouped columns to easily remove them from grouping and one row layout for the grouping panel. There are non-UI improvements related to optimized memory usage and new members providing up to 60% performance gain in operations with cell values. And sure, the new iGrid.NET supports .NET Core 3.0/3.1 and the forthcoming .NET 5.

The release of iGrid.NET X is scheduled for the second half of June 2020. Prices for our grid controls and pricing model will be also changed with the release of iGrid.NET X. But as always, all customers with active subscription, including new customers who bought the current version of iGrid.NET at the current prices, will be able to get iGrid.NET X for free.

To find out more about iGrid.NET X, read the What's New draft (the document is being updated):

iGrid.NET X What's New 

Your feedback regarding iGrid.NET X is welcome. Feel free to post your comments in this topic.
The RC1 demo build and the portable DPI-aware demo for the new iGrid.NET are available:

Download iGrid.NET X RC1 Demo 

Try iGrid.NET X in action!
The development of iGrid.NET X has been successfully finished, and the RC2 build of the control is available. The release date is postponed on the first half of July because we decided to implement some non-planned useful features suggested by our customers in June.

The RC2 demo pack now also includes the updated main demo of iGrid.NET with full source code and the demo versions of the control DLLs. You can use them to try the new iGrid.NET in your apps:

iGrid.NET X RC2 Demo Pack