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I have some suggestions for the iGrid :

1. It would be nice to have a property "Title" which would be displayed on the top of the header. It is possible to have more or less the same by adding a Label control on the top of the iGrid , but then it is a lot of work to move it together with the grid (automatic resize, etc..). Plus the Title could be displayed "within the grid" like the Header rows.

2. Add a status line/bar at the very Bottom that could be displayed or not. This status bar could just display a text with a "Status" propriety. Maybe to activate an "Automatic status" which would display the number of records/rows and number of selected line. For example : 3'200 records / 5 rows selected

3. Add a filter property to the column with an expression which would filter the rows. Maybe accessible only programatically only. So if I have a column named "Country" i could set Something like : myIGrid.Col("Country").Filter = "*state*" =>This would display all rows containing the "state" text within the country column.

Thank you in advance for your feedback,



Thank you for your suggestions. iGrid ActiveX was designed as a lightweight cell matrix control to replace such standard controls like ListView and FlexGrid, and what you suggested is beyond of the original idea. Some years ago we thought about stopping the development at all (only bug fixes were implied), but it seems the market is still very interested in our product so we are continuing our work. Maybe, one day in the future we'll add features from your list.

Some comments to your suggestions.

(1), (2): Generally this is easily implemented by incorporating iGrid together with two label controls or something like that into a UserControl. Have you thought about such a solution? This will allow you to have any title and footer sections you need and configure them to your liking.

(3): Filters like this can be easily implemented in a loop by rows in which you set the RowVisible property. Implementing the feature you requested requires adding a syntax parser for filter conditions, which would bloat iGrid. We'd like to keep the compact iGrid size - the iGrid OCX is just about 1Mb!