Hallo, I'm using combos and dropdown cells in many grids and everything works great except this that I don't find how to solve:
I populate a combo and I associate it to a dropdown property of the cells
when I select with mouse an item of combo, it shows the text property of the item. and it's ok
when I digit inside the cell (and the item is shown in the combo list) and press return, the result is that it shows in the cell the value property.

Explained with example
Combo populated with 3 items : 1, apple 2,orange 3,banana
if I select apple, it shows "apple"
if I digit "a" and then press return, it shows "1", but I want it to show "apple"

Can you reproduce this problem in a brand new project and send it to us for the further consideration?

Before packing the project, please, remove the bin and obj subfolders with the compiled executable contents.
I'm sorry but I don't know exactly what to put in the new project... the problem I have is in all igrids in my forms. It seems to me more of a property not set correctly.
I found a way to avoid the problem , simply setting the .notextedit as typeflag.
I just wanted to see if there was another way that could allow inserting text not in the combolist