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Is it possible to use iGrid ActiveX in Visual Studio .NET ?

Normaly most ActiveX controls can be used with Windows Forms without any problem.

But.. it seems to be not the case with iGrid ActiveX.

I understand that it is really better to use the .NET version of iGrid, but why it is not possible to use the ActiveX version in .NET ?

Is it a deliberate limitation or a real incompatibility ?

There is perhaps a way to use it ?

We have never implemented any limitation for .NET in our ActiveX grid intentionally. We widely use VB6 native types in the members of iGrid just because they exist in VB6 (no undocumented tricks), but the .NET COM wrappers simply cannot provide a solution to use all this variety in .NET.

If you need a robust solution for .NET, you have the only choice to use the .NET version of iGrid.
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Thank you for your reply.

I will try my boss buys the .NET version.