Developer's Section
Application Gallery
Real-world apps based on 10Tec products
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Yves     2017-07-20T16:38:59Z
WinForms Grid Questions and Issues
General questions and issues
Topics: 235
Posts: 873
Last Post: Move an row to the top of the grid... New Posts

Slow Eddie     2020-02-18T17:53:04Z

WinForms Grid Knowledge Base
Useful tips and recipes
Topics: 18
Posts: 48
Last Post: RichTextCells Demo - extended New Posts

Ciaran     2018-09-10T01:45:19Z

WinForms Grid Suggestions
Suggestions for the future versions of iGrid.NET
Topics: 8
Posts: 24
Last Post: iGDropDownList FillWithData and images New Posts

Igor/10Tec     2019-11-14T16:15:18Z

WinForms Grid Polls
Polls regarding new features and exisiting functionality
Topics: 6
Posts: 13
Last Post: Support of .NET Framework client profiles in... New Posts

BlackForestIT     2014-03-25T16:55:11Z
iGrid ActiveX
ActiveX Grid Questions and Issues 1
General questions and issues
Topics: 389
Posts: 1,705
Last Post: Displaying unicode New Posts

Igor/10Tec     2020-02-20T15:13:07Z

ActiveX Grid Knowledge Base
Useful tips and recipes
Topics: 38
Posts: 124
Last Post: Registering iGrid without admin rights New Posts

Igor/10Tec     2020-01-15T15:49:16Z

ActiveX Grid Suggestions
Suggestions for the future versions of iGrid ActiveX
Topics: 30
Posts: 132
Last Post: Load/save grid cell values with formatting... New Posts

Troy     2020-01-23T17:43:17Z
Other Tools & Controls
Minor ActiveX Components
hTooltip, xDir and ImageList
Topics: 11
Posts: 32
Last Post: Change Picture property of a button to index of... New Posts

RaymondC     2017-08-21T22:43:16Z

OCX Updater
A tool to replace OCX controls in your VB6 projects
Topics: 1
Posts: 1
Last Post: What is OCX Updater? New Posts

KomodoLabs     2012-04-14T16:49:12Z
Sales, licensing, product updates
Ask everything about getting product updates and prices here
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Igor/10Tec     2019-05-24T09:04:45Z

Forum Issues
Forum notices, questions and suggestions are here
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Last Post: GroupRow with Tabs New Posts

Igor/10Tec     2019-10-21T15:29:16Z

Hall of Fame
Place testimonials here
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KomodoLabs     2016-09-19T01:56:24Z
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