ImageList OCX - Main Features

10 main features of vbAccelerator ImageList

Here are the 10 main features of this image list control:

  1. The following graphics formats can be uploaded into the image list: bitmap files (.bmp, .dib), icon files (.ico), cursor files (.cur), animated cursors (.ani), GIF files (.gif), JPEG files (.jpg, .jpeg) and PNG files (.png). 32-bit ICO and PNG files with translucency are supported.

  2. When adding icons, cursors and animated cursors, the transparency information is used from the files. When adding other format bitmaps, a custom transparent color may be specified or automatically determined from the top-left pixel (nb: use of JPG is not recommended because JPGs do not maintain color stability - any area of transparent color will vary approx +/- 3 color values from the actual color).

  3. For animated cursor files, you can choose whether to load just the first frame or import all frames.

  4. Allow multiple files to be selected when adding images.

  5. Allow keys to be set up in the property page and persisted. Keys can be automatically set up based on the filename of the items being added.

  6. The entire image list can be saved/loaded into a file of a special format. Thus images can be even moved from one image list to another.

  7. Images can be added, removed or reordered at design- and run-time.

  8. In code, images can be added from a file, an application resource, an API image handle or from a VB PictureBox control.

  9. Individual images can be drawn with system effects as selected, cut or disabled.

  10. An individual image can be retrieved from the image list as a VB Picture object. The entire image list can be retrieved as an image strip in the form of the same standard Picture object.

Detailed look at enhanced design-time functionality

First of all, we changed the interface part of the control, and now it became more handy in use in comparison to its original implementation. The control box on the form became bigger and now displays the name of the control instance. The property page dialog was redesigned so now you can do all actions on one default page without switching constantly between the pages in the original version:

New design-time interface of vbAccelerator ImageList control

The control functionality was enhanced in many places. For instance, now it supports adding of images without specifying the mask color - in the original version you can only choose from the top-left pixel color or the specified color. Some new properties were added for this functionality and other features, and now all the aspects of the functionality can be controlled through the interface (the property page dialog or standard property browser) and from code.

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