Using Sandcastle and NDoc in DocMounter

Sandcastle and DocMounter v2

The latest version of DocMounter uses a free open-source documentation compiler named Sandcastle which is used by the Microsoft team to create its MSDN library. This means that you will get the same look-and-feel HxS documentation like in MSDN used by Microsoft since the VS 2005 release.

Sandcastle is downloaded and configured separately as described in the manual, but our DocMounter package also contains small enhancements and corrections to the original Sandcastle installation to have better functionality and look in some places. All these enhancements are applied by DocMounter automatically during the build process, so you do not need to do something by hands for that.

NDoc in DocMounter 1.x

The first versions of DocMounter used NDoc, a free and open-source utility you can use to build different types of help files including MSHelp2 files (HxS). A modified part of NDoc that generates MSHelp2 files was included as a free add-in into the installation package of DocMounter 1.x. Unfortunately, the original version of NDoc is no longer supported by its authors, but we modified NDoc to suite our needs and also fixed some bugs in the original version.

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