Our Services

Our mission is to help you to build apps for your end users. We, being a company developing components and custom software for more than 20 years, fully understand the nature and final goal of software development process. We encourage you to contact us for a variety of assistance listed below.

Free support during evaluation

Our company provides free consulting services related to our components during the evaluation period. If you did not think about components and found our website while searching for a solution to your development problem, feel free to ask us about it. Most likely, we already have a solution – either a free code snippet or our component implementing your task effectively.

Free customized demos

Component developers have the best knowledge and usage experience of their tools. You can request a free customized demo demonstrating how to implement the functionality you need using our components.

Custom feature implementation

Every app is unique and may require specific component functionality not implemented by the component developer. Taking this into account, we offer the ability to implement new product features helpful for you. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Bespoke software development

If you want us to develop a part of your app with our tools on the contract basis, we also provide such a service as a part of our mission. Send us an email with a request for contract development.