What's New in CaptionX

v1.00, build 0179
  1. [New] Now CaptionX supports right-to-left captions of the VB forms (the RightToLeft property is set to True).

  2. [Fixed] The caption text was drawn incorrectly on some non-English systems. Now the full range of Unicode characters can be used in the caption on the Windows NT systems.

  3. [Fixed] If you used the ampersand character in a form's caption, it was not drawn, and the next letter was underscored.

v1.00, build 0176
  1. [Fixed] The caption text of the window was not drawn correctly if the form had no icon (the Icon property) while BorderStyle was 3 (fixed dialog).

v1.00, build 0175
  1. [Fixed] The window title bar was not drawn properly if the form had the following properties: BorderStyle = 1 (fixed single) and ControlBox = False (some first letters of the native caption text of the window were present on the place of the window's control box).

v1.0, build 0174
CaptionX 1.0 released.