iGrid.NET AutoFilterManager - Screenshots

General look of filter box with custom filter rules

Here is a general overview of 10Tec autofilter dialog with non-empty custom filter condition list:

General look of 10Tec autofilter dialog with custom filters

Note that the custom filter list has a drop-down date picker (now opened) for easy date selection.

The Tools menu of the filter box

10Tec AutoFilterManager has the built-in Tools menu with commands you can use to work with the grid filter or change some options of the autofilter functionality:

10Tec autofilter tools

Colorized moveable filter box

The next picture shows how the colors and font of the filter box can be adjusted:

Custom autofilter dialog box

Note that the autofilter dialog was moved from its default place (below directly the column header) to another arbitrary place like a normal window by dragging its title bar.

The filter button in the Date column header also displays the funnel icon indicating that a filter has been set for this column.

Incremental search in the autofilter item list

In addition to the search box above the item list, the required item can be found when you start typing its first letters - just type them when the filter box is opened. A helper mini-window is opened to indicate that incremental search is in effect:

Incremental search in the autofilter item list

Setting up autofilter for your grid

To add the autofilter functionality to the existing grid, just place the AutoFilter component on the form and link it to the grid:

Adding autofilter functionality to grid at design-time

No more coding to make it work!

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