iGrid.NET PrintManager - Screenshots

Print Preview Dialog

The picture below depicts the general look of the print preview dialog:

PrintManager's print preview dialog

The toolbar at the top contains controls allowing you to manipulate the document on the screen and to print it on paper.

Print Styles

iGrid.NET PrintManager allows you to specify the appearance of iGrid.NET on paper. It supports two main styles:

  1. Screen View. When this style is specified, iGrid.NET is drawn on paper as it looks on the display (except for visual style drawing):

    Print preview Screen View style
  2. Plain View. When this style is specified, iGrid.NET is printed as plain as possible (without tree, combo, and ellipsis buttons; without cell and column header background; and so on):

    Print preview Plain View style

Headers and Footers

iGrid.NET PrintManager allows you to specify the header and footer for every page and the whole document. The following screenshot demonstrates how a typical page header and document header are printed before the grid:

Modify page header and footer, specify alignemnt

A header and footer consist of the three sections: left, middle, and right. Each of these sections can contain text with its own font. Thus, you can separately specify the text that will be aligned to the left, middle, and right sides of the document.

You can also specify fields evaluated dynamically in the text of a section, such as the current page number (%[PageNumber]) and the total page count (%[PageCount]):

Insert page number into document and page header and footer

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