Peter Schilling
I am absolutely new to the iGrid component and what I have seen so far I like it very much.

I want to convert a 5 year old application where I used a lot of DataGridViews.

Is there a way of automatically converting the existing project and substitute all DataGridViews with the iGrid control?

This would be very nice and saves me a lot of search and replace actions..

Unfortunately, there is no 1:1 replacement technology for this case.

But don't forget that if you have any troubles with conversion of your app, you can always ask our technical support service.
Peter Schilling
Hi Igor, thanks for your reply.

Conversion is going well but I'm still struggling with these two major issues.

1. Clipboard handling - DataGridView provided a function GetClipboardContent and I didn't find anything comparable in the iGrid control

2. Row and Column-Selection - It seems that I have to handle the Row and Column-Selection myself, is it right?

If you could please write me something about these topics I would be very connected and then I probably don't need any further help with the conversion of this project :)

1: You can find classes to extend the functionality of iGrid.NET in our online library of extra samples: 

One of them is Copy Paste Manager that can help you to add the copy-paste feature to iGrid.

2: iGrid.NET does not support column selection as a built-in feature, only row selection. There is a whole section dedicated to selection in the iGrid.NET manual. Read it to find out more.