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New Posts How to determine image used in a cell after grid population114
Need to check what image is in a particular cell

New Posts How do I print the grid footer?327
footer not printing when i print the grid

New Posts PrintManager v10 - CalcPagesCount returns 1 when there are 3 pages323
v6 returned one less than the actual number so I could adjust that easily

New Posts PrintPreviewControl + iGPrintManager, print progress window prevention?336
Do not want print process (page 1 of n) showing when printing

New Posts IGPrintManager = Document.PrintPage not raised when printing328
The Document.PrintPage event is not called when printing, but is called when using PrintPreview

New Posts Emulate CellClick event in code330
How to emulate CellClick event

New Posts Removing a row with one column326
Removing a row with only one column
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New Posts Image and text in same cell126
How do I place an image and text in the same cell
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New Posts iGrid prevent grid and line colour changes until EndUpdate called342
Need to prevent colour changes to iGrid until after the EndUpdate has been called

New Posts Double Click Event639
Dbl Click event not firing
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New Posts Center align checkbox120
How to do I align a checkbox
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New Posts Cell value from selected row462
Returning value from selected row - VB.NET
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New Posts Focus Rectangle - always visible143
How do I keep the focus rectangle showing within a grid when the grid loses focus?
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