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New Posts Using large images in cells112
Putting images into cells when they are larger than ImageList allows

New Posts Grid loading slower when AutoFilterManager is attached229
Grid loading slower when AutoFilterManager is attached

New Posts Leave Grid with keyboard aktion222
Leave Grid with keyboard aktion

New Posts Autofilter update not working553
I installed autofilter from version 6 to 10 but it's not working

New Posts Display Percentage (Code)641
Display Percentage (Code)

New Posts Date mes año119
Date mes año


New Posts Filter for Codigo343
Filter for Codigo

New Posts Letter spacing in a group header235
Letter spacing in a group header

New Posts Removing Extra Cell Padding6116
Removing Extra Cell Padding

New Posts Error while editing Currency Column after using FillWithData1290
Error while editing Currency Column after using FillWithData

New Posts highlighting row via code350
how to highlight a call or row by code

New Posts BackColor of RowHeader of Header Row292
BackColor of RowHeader of Header Row

New Posts How do I print the grid footer?477
footer not printing when i print the grid
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