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New Posts Equivalent to grid_EditingControlShowing7161
I try to hang my KeyPress-Event-Handler

New Posts Move an row to the top of the grid programatically2114
How to move an row to the top of the grid programatically

New Posts How can I change the back color of a row programmatically in .net6.06136
I have a sleected row color set in the properties. When I find a row using search.

New Posts Strange Bug !!8250
Crash on specific KeyPress!

New Posts ContextMenuStrip in Client Area without Rows (Issue?)4122
Issue with displaying right click menu on white space with no rows selected
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New Posts Grouping with original row order2100
How do I group the grid by some column so that the original order of rows stays the same?

New Posts iGrid.NET, VS2019/2017, .NET > 4 - adding grid to winform1140
Cannot add iGRID control to winform
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New Posts iGDropDownList FillWithData shows Value col instead of Text col52,841
First time I fill an iGDropDownList with FillWithData it shows the Value instead of Text data

New Posts MultiSelect DropDown Editor for 6.06253
MultiSelect DropDown Editor for 6.0
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New Posts dropdown combo shows value instead of text2100
When inserting manually in a dropdown cell with combo list it shows value instead of text
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