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New Posts How to change order of spancolumns?51,795
How to change order of spancolumns?

New Posts IGrid not visible on form (VS2022)165
Placing IGrid on form is possible, but the IGrid then is not visible

New Posts Does work with VS 2022 ?291
Does work with VS 2022 ?
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How to hide column headers?

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Populate rowindex from database

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Removing Dropdown functionality from specific cells in a dropdown-column

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IGPrintManager Error when printing with SpanCols

New Posts Setting "TopIndex" using the Current Row2105
Setting "TopIndex" using the Current Row

New Posts DropDownList Item in Editmode3142
DropDownList Item trows error

New Posts Grid editing using UserControl inside a custom iGCellEditorBase-derived class1121
Problems with input focus when editing iGrid cells using usercontrol

New Posts Making columns invisible2149
How to make columns invisible
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New Posts date header format in a calendar grid2189
date header format in a calendar grid
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