Mathew Schaffer
I have a grid with tree nodes, using the Tree Helper extensions. When using the Filters, I would like the filter results to show an entire tree family when the filter matches any of the nodes in that family.

For example:

"Row 1"
"Row A"

"Row B"

"Row B"
"Row X"

"Row Y"

If I use a Filter for "Row B", I would like the results to display both of these tree families in their entirety, both parent nodes and all child nodes, since "Row B" is a positive match in both families.

Is this possible?
If we think about the same functionality, this tree filter mode is automatically turned on when you specify the tree column explicitly with the TreeCol property of iGrid. You must do it explicitly even if your tree column is the first column:

iGrid1.TreeCol = iGrid1.Cols[0];

Read also the 'Filtering Tree Grids' topic in the 'Filtering with the AutoFilterManager Add-on' section in the manual for more info.
Mathew Schaffer
Thank you! I apologize, I was reading the documentation, but apparently I had an old copy of the manual which didn't include this section.