We would like to inform the developer community that we are actively working on the next big update of iGrid.NET. One of the important improvements in the forthcoming release is the ability to place iGrid on a form in WinForms projects for .NET 6 at design time:

iGrid WinForms .NET 6 Design Time.png

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This became possible due to the WinForms Designer Extensibility SDK distributed as a Nuget package .

iGrid.NET will be available without some advanced design time features like column/row collection editors and visual editors for some properties (for example, the trackbar-based editor for the ScrollBarSettings.Opacity property). These limitations come from the limited support for design time features in the Microsoft WinForms Designer SDK and Visual Studio itself, which is described in greater details in this Microsoft Developer Blogs post:

State of the Windows Forms Designer for .NET Applications 

The missing design-time features will be added to iGrid as they become implemented in the Microsoft development environment. Stay tuned to know when this happens.
iGrid.NET 10.1 with WinForms designer support in projects targeting .NET 6 has been recently released.

As expected, some advanced design-time features are still not available because their basic types in .NET 6 are not implemented by Microsoft yet. However, this does not prevent us from placing the control onto a form, resizing it interactively and changing most of its properties like we can do that in .NET Framework projects.

The missing design-time features will be added as their support appear in the platform SDK.