Any thoughts how we might implement this scenario?

We would like to copy to the Clipboard a vertical Range in Excel. The Range would contain integers. We would then like to filter an iGrid column based on the values in the Clipboard.

Pasting such a Range into the AutoFilter only pastes the first cell value from Excel. I thought it may be possible to easily extend AutoFilter to accommodate this, or thought it may already be possible. Thank you.
Do you mean the Custom Filter section, which is below the main item list? If yes, I think, you wanted to convert all copied cells into a list of 'equals' conditions - one for every copied Excel cell.

Sorry, but this isn't possible.
Yes, that section was what I had in mind. Thank you.
It is a very specific request, but we can think about implementing it in future updates. Can you tell us your vision of how this functionality should work?
This feature suggestion is constantly running in background in my head :)

I think the best way to implement it is to provide a new menu item in the drop-down Tools menu of the filter box. Name it, say, 'Check values from Clipboard' or `Select Values from Clipboard`. When it is chosen, we clear all check marks in the item list (not the custom filter section), and check only those which are present in the values stored in the clipboard. We may also display non-existing members in italic - AFM can already do this. How is about that?

And can you also tell us, how often this functionality is used by the end users of your app and whether adding it to AFM can save much time for them? If possible, show some examples of data for which this feature would be extremely useful.