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New Posts change left and bottom border (thickness and color) of a cell1168
change the left and bottom border color and thikness of one cells

New Posts Dropdowncontrol on grid cell6254
Get ID from DropDownControl on grid cell
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New Posts Sorting rows3218
Sorting that new empty row is on top

New Posts cell dynamic formatting 25% CPU ??!4228
25% du temps cpu lors de l'utilisation de celldynamicformatting
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New Posts Frozen row and FitContentsInViewport3155
Any chance of making FitContentsInViewport cater for a frozen "row 1"?

New Posts adding button or image in footer cells2166
is there a way to add a button with clic_event in a footer cell
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New Posts Creating a single printable grid from multiple grids3191
Creating a single printable grid from multiple grids

New Posts Error while editing Currency Column after using FillWithData13407
Error while editing Currency Column after using FillWithData

New Posts How do I print the grid footer?5235
footer not printing when i print the grid

New Posts Using large images in cells1183
Putting images into cells when they are larger than ImageList allows

New Posts Leave Grid with keyboard aktion2128
Leave Grid with keyboard aktion

New Posts Autofilter update not working5253
I installed autofilter from version 6 to 10 but it's not working

New Posts Display Percentage (Code)6170
Display Percentage (Code)
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