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New Posts MultiSelect DropDown Editor for 6.06255
MultiSelect DropDown Editor for 6.0
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New Posts dropdown combo shows value instead of text2103
When inserting manually in a dropdown cell with combo list it shows value instead of text
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New Posts iGHyperlinkCellManager class5113
class provider by 10Tec

New Posts TreeButton with objects3129
TreeButton with objects

New Posts Col Format after aftercommitedit1147
Something else to do?

New Posts iGrid NumericUpDownCellEditor5125
capturing events on value changed

New Posts Visual Studio Installation Problems2203
Items Show up in Toolbox but seem to be missing design component
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New Posts format Cell as currency4139
Filter must sort only the value

New Posts moving columns1186
Can column order be switched by user (ie not developer)

New Posts Rightclick on row changes selection2122
Right click on row should not cause deselection
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