Piotr Pikielny

First of all, all the best for the year 2020.

I have the following problem.

There is a grid with columns of different value types. Some of them have the same value type (e.g. DateTime).
Values are entered by user. The requirement is that row values of the same type (e.g. DateTime) must be ascending.

I have sent you 'AscendingValuesExample' project where that problem is solved but for manual entering of datetimes.
I would like change to value entering using DropDownCalendar or DropDownDateTimePicker. How to do it?

Some time ago I made DropDownDateTimePicker based on your DropDownCalendar.
It works fine but till now I've used it only in the simple scenario: you select a date and optionally enter time.

Piotr Pikielny
Sorry, but we have not received your AscendingValuesExample project. Did you send it to the main support email?

Perhaps, if it's possible, it would be better to upload your project to a cloud store and send us a link to it. I think your email could be blocked as spam as it may contain executable contents (the bin/obj subfolders of a VS solution).
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