Hi. I have a problem painting flags.
My app goes through a list of objects and fills out an iGrid.

1. In the event "_Shown" of my form I define characteristics of my grid, for example:
IGridMain.Beginupdate ()
iGCellStyle ...
IGridMain.Cols.Add ("", "" ...)
IGridMain.Cols.Add("btnRejected", "Reject", 40, pattern);
IGridMain.Cols["btnRejected"].ImageIndex = 6;
IGridMain.EllipsisButtonGlyph = FpicBoxSearch.Image;
IGridMain.Header ..
IGridMain.Footer ..
IGridMain.Scroll ...
IGridMain.Endupdate ()

2. Fill grid event:
For each object of my list ...
myRow = IGridMain.Rows.Add ();
 if (item.DTEDef! = null) {myRow.Cells ["flagxml"]. TypeFlags = iGCellTypeFlags.HasEllipsisButton; }
     // Flags, here paint the cell with colors flags:
myRow.Cells ["flagRef"]. ImageIndex = GetFlagImageIndex (item.Flag);
myRow.Cells ["flagRef"]. BackColor = GetFlagBackColor (item.Flag);

****** When I write this code the flags are not painted:
   myRow.Cells ["btnRejected"]. Col.Tag = IGButtonColumnManager.BUTTON_COLUMN_TAG;
Btn.Attach (IGridMain);

1) Where should I put the code so that I don't erase the flags?
2) Why is the image not shown on the button?
BEFORE(ok the flags):
Do you want to say that attaching iGButtonColumnManager to one column erases images and background colors in another column? Strange. Send us a sample that demonstrates this problem, please.
Before you pack the solution into archive, please, delete the bin, obj and .vs subfolders with binary contents.
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