I was wondering if it would be possible to add 2 small properties for the calculations

1) A boolean value : DisplayZero (True or false) including the "Footer" area

2) A predefined color (Red ?) for negative values.

I know that we can do this programmatically but that would be more of a convenience
of use

Thank you

H-m-m, these are specific things, but they make sense. Do you need these options for footer totals calculated automatically? You can always do manual 'adjustments' like these for footer cells using the properties of footer cells, but it will require writing code that enumerates footer cells and change the corresponding properties after every calculation of totals. And what is also important, you will need a event raised by iGrid after the totals have been calculated. So, yes, this makes sense if you set these options and forget.

From other point of view, other customers may have other specific formatting requirements. Implement specific options for them too? This would bloat iGrid...

What if we add events for dynamic contents and dynamic formatting of footer cells - similar to what we have now for normal cells (CellDynamicContents, CellDynamicFormatting)? Then anyone could implement any 'effects' for footer cells using these two universal events.
Thank you Igor for your answer.

I make it clear that my proposal concerns only the comfort of use.

It should only be integrated if it poses no problem for the developers
(With or without the zone: Footer)

To tell the whole truth, I used another software of the same type which had these properties
(DisplayZero and red color for negative numbers) and it seemed very practical in some cases

I switched to your software (Igrid.Net) because it is much faster and bug free

Also, Igor, Do as you wish or can, this software is very very good like that

Excuse my english

iGrid.NET 11.0 was released today, and it provides effective tools to implement these tasks. These are the new FooterCellDynamicContents and FooterCellDynamicFormatting events. Below are two examples demonstrating how to use them:

private void iGrid1_FooterCellDynamicFormatting(
  object sender, iGFooterCellDynamicFormattingEventArgs e)
    if (e.Total < 0)
        e.ForeColor = Color.Red;

private void iGrid1_FooterCellDynamicContents(
  object sender, iGFooterCellDynamicContentsEventArgs e)
    if (e.Total == 0)
        e.Text = String.Empty;