WinForms Grid Suggestions - Suggestions for the future versions of iGrid.NET
New Posts IsCellPartClipped for headers [IMPLEMENTED]4118
IsCellPartClipped does not seem to be available for iGColHdr

New Posts Close MultiColumn Dropdown List when clicking down arrow4111
Close MultiColumn Dropdown List when clicking down arrow a second time (while it is open)

New Posts Cell / Row / Column border color31,020
Specific Cell's border color / Row's border color

New Posts Support for Footer rows [IMPLEMENTED]11,281
How many others out there would like footer rows supported?

New Posts Saving/restoring the contents and formatting of an iGrid to memory [IMPLEMENTED AS EXTRA SAMPLE]21,163
In-built support for saving/restoring a grid contents/formatting

New Posts Would like to be able to search the grid for a value from code21,387
Can you provide a method for searching grid contents

New Posts MaxInputLength [IMPLEMENTED]21,839
limit the length of the cells
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