When you write or edit a post, use the paper clip toolbar button to open the 'Upload new files' dialog to upload your images to your personal file store on this forum:

Upload Images - Step 1.png

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Upload Images - Step 2.png

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In the dialog, click the 'Add file(s)' to select the image files on your local hard drive. When done, click the 'Upload file(s)' button to start the upload process:

Upload Images - Step 3.png

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Upload Images - Step 4.png

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As soon as the upload has completed, the references to your files will be inserted into the post in the 'attach' tags:

Upload Images - Step 5.png

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You can move them to any place in the post text:

Upload Images - Step 6.png

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In the future, you can insert uploaded files into new posts. You can also delete them in the 'Attachments' applet in the 'My Profile' section. To open it, find this hyperlink at the top of the forum or use this URL: https://10tec.com/forum/attachments .