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Is there a way to put a large image into a cell? The image would not need to be re-used in more than one cell.

The only way I see is to use an ImageList which has a size limit of 256x256.

I have several large bitmaps that I would like to put into cells to create a "Report" (the images are of collected data) because of the benefits the iGrid would give me for alignment, and then be able to print the resulting iGrid.
In addition, I would love it if the cells would autosize to the image contents and be able to use SpanRows and SpanCols in combination with all of this.

I already have all the bitmap objects as variables in code, I am just looking for a way to get them into a specific cell. Seems like this would be simple, but I have gone over the documentation and have not been able to find anything.

i think I have my answer. It looks like the only option is:


5.9. Custom Draw Cells
iGrid allows you to create custom draw cells. The custom drawing means that you can draw by
yourself a cell's background or foreground or both cell parts. Normally you draw your own contents
with GDI+.

Please advise if there is an alternative.


I was able to get this to work nicely, but ran into one problem. I used the code snippet from the documentation that works fine, but I am trying to utilize it with SpanCols being set to 2 or 3 and it seems to be ignoring that setting.

Could you please point me in the right direction?
Yes, custom drawing is the only way to implement what you need.

If you found an issue with custom drawing in merged cells, send us a sample project demonstrating this issue. Before packing it to zip, remove the .vs, bin and obj subfolders.