Hey, I noticed no posts were here yet and I bet people don't know the true power of the new, free 10Tec ImageList! I threw together a couple screenshots so you can see what it can do... iGrid and the new ImageList makes it so easy. Before 10Tec got a hold of the source code, there were some major bugs in it. 10Tec re-wrote it and I'm pretty sure it's the only decent ActiveX ImageList around that handles 32-bit icons correctly. Good work 10Tec!

Beautiful, true 32-bit icons in iGrid:

Here's a bunch of 32-bit icons I had the ImageList draw randomly in a PictureBox using its hDC.
Notice many are of different transparencies. That's an extremely useful feature for fading in icons, or using the same icon faded out to de-emphasize it.