I am using 10Tec iGrid.Net 3.0 in my application.
I can select multiple rows, cells.
Can anyone please tell me, is there any way to select column/multiple columns?
Is it possible to selects column(s) by clicking columns header?

Thanks & Regards,
Makarand Salvi
You can do that only "manually" by enumerating all cells and setting their selected status to true in the column which header has been clicked.
Thanks for your response.
Yes this is easily possible if I want to select only one column at a time.
But in case of multiple columns selection, this is difficult.
We have to handle ctrl, shift key press and mouse dragging.
Basically I want to have same functionality like Rows Selection for columns.
Can you please tell me is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks & Regards,
Makarand Salvi
Ohh, you need so called drag select for column headers.

iGrid was designed without this requirement, but maybe a workaround can be implemented using the current set of events and methods. For instance, we can protect a column header from clicking, but can start to trace the mouse pointer on mouse down and select the required columns as the user is moving it. You can try, but in fact it's not an easy task.

Another option could be to have own "header". I mean you can hide the standard header and implement your own one using the frozen row. An example of that can be found in the demo of iGrid.
Thanks a lot for your guidance.

I will try second option of frozen row and yes, example in the demo of iGrid is definitely helpful.

Thanks again.

Makarand Salvi