Sorry for my poor english but i'll give it a try.

for a long time i'm struggling with a 'problem': if a user edit a cell with a dropdownlist he must (!!!) make a choice from the dropdownlist before he can go on with the application.He can only abort his input with the escape-key. But if the user clicks outside the dropdownlist his input is also aborted.
Does anyone known how you can tell if the dropdownlist in igrid is still open (and which item in the dropdownlist is selected in the dropdownlist) when the CancelEdit-event is fired. I want the user must make a choiche from the dropdownlist when it is showed. But when the user clicked outside the dropdownlist the only event fired is the CancelEdit-event and not the BeforeCommeitEdit-event or the AfterCommitEdit-event.
I tried in the canceledit-event to set focus to the same cell and then automaticly open the dropdownlist again but then i were caught in an endless loop.

i tried to showed my own dropdownlist instead of the igrid-dropdownlist, but i can't get it to work. I studied the demoproject and tried to adapt it from monthpicker to dropdownlist but i can't get it to work the right way. I think that making use of your own dropdownlist is the way to go because then there is the onhide-event to inform that the dropdownlist is closed, and hopefully give me a chanche to set the focus to the same cell and open the dropdownlist programmaticle again.

John van der Putte.
Closing a drop-down list without saving the selected item in the cell is a common behavior in any Windows program so do the same in our drop-down lists.

If you need another behavior, and you are ready to implement your own drop-down list, you can achieve this. First of all, we recommend that you look at the Multi-Column Drop-Down List sample from the Extra Samples Library for iGrid.NET:


You can use this sample as a basis for your development.

Any iGrid custom drop-down list is based on the IiGDropDownControl interface. It has the CommitOnHide property which determines whether the drop-down list commits editing if the user has clicked outside of the list or switched to another app. It seems, this property will be useful for your task.

In any case, if you have any troubles with the implementation, you can always contact our support service by sending your code and accompanying questions.
thanks for pointing me to the multi-column drop-down list sample. I almost managed to let it work the way i wanted. 2 or 3 little 'problems' yet to solve. Next week i hope to overcome these little problems. This weekend i want to make (and post) a little demo to show how my application is suppost to work. Maybe than it is a little bit clearer why i want this 'odd' behavier of igrid.