I am trying to create an iGrid control that will have multiple levels of headers. That is to say that the 1st level headers would encompass 2+ column headers in the 2nd level, the 2nd level would encompass 2+ column headers in the 3rd level. They don't have to be headers per se. It could just be simple rows that occupy more than 1 column.

In the end, I am trying to create a form that looks like this:
Desired Grid

So on the right side of the table there are 3 levels of headers. These being:
  1. Phases
  2. 1|2|3|...|n
  3. and then for each number in the previous level there is K-Factor Ratio and Probability

What is the best way to accomplish this using iGrid?
I've always wanted to do this too. The only way I can think of doing that is to use the DrawText API to split up the words between the "invisible" cells since iGrid doesn't currently support combining multiple cells. My guess is that it won't ever unless someone else adds it to the source code we get when we purchase iGrid.

You'd also need to draw your own grid lines and colored boxes around the various cells, if you're wanting it to look exactly like the image, for example.

All of this would be pretty complicated to pull off. I bet the developers of iGrid could create a workaround for you as I described or add it as a feature, but it wouldn't be cheap to add.
Hi there
I had a similar issue and ended up using 2 grids. The top grid for level 1 headers only, the next grid for level 2 headers and data. And just put in some smart code to align things.

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