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Sticky New Posts 64bit IGrid ActiveX Control71,554

Sticky New Posts Control Fails to Load in Latest Office Version339,482 
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iGrid disappears from UserForms in Excel/Word VBA

New Posts Auto Resize Column Width132
Auto resize all the column width evenly in the grid control as per the width of the control

New Posts Drag and drop between iGrids in separate Access forms236
How to implement drag an item from an iGrid in one Acces form to an iGrid in another Access form

New Posts Creat a commandbutton in first column in iGrid147
How i creat a command button in first column of Excel iGrid

New Posts Populate excel iGrid from access database177
Please how i can populate data from access database in excel userform iGrid any help please

New Posts Sort collation287

New Posts Different view of I-grid on an 24 inch screen and 27 inch screen195
I have an different view of an IGrid on an 24-27 inch screens, where user can pick an department.

New Posts iGrid causes AppCrash of our custom database with ActiveX-Containers375
VBA-From works with iGrid as expected, but direct on AppGui in an ActiveX-Container causes App crash

New Posts Reference for VBRUN.DataObject4121
Cannot figure out how to set a reference with a DLL name conflict

New Posts Missing reference by end users +11116
End user have missing reference to IGrid how can i embed it?

New Posts Reset of Igrid4130
Reset Igrid when 2 different SQL queries are loaded
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New Posts IGrid question for use in Excel VB4129
Question about ONCLICK event in Excel VB
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New Posts Error on closing Access app when iGrid Form has focus1149
error 80040203 - 'This key is already associated with an element of this collection' closing Access
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