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Sticky New Posts Control Fails to Load in Latest Office Version334,659 
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iGrid disappears from UserForms in Excel/Word VBA

New Posts Different view of I-grid on an 24 inch screen and 27 inch screen144
I have an different view of an IGrid on an 24-27 inch screens, where user can pick an department.

New Posts iGrid causes AppCrash of our custom database with ActiveX-Containers335
VBA-From works with iGrid as expected, but direct on AppGui in an ActiveX-Container causes App crash

New Posts Reference for VBRUN.DataObject473
Cannot figure out how to set a reference with a DLL name conflict

New Posts Missing reference by end users +1159
End user have missing reference to IGrid how can i embed it?

New Posts Reset of Igrid485
Reset Igrid when 2 different SQL queries are loaded
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New Posts IGrid question for use in Excel VB476
Question about ONCLICK event in Excel VB
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New Posts Error on closing Access app when iGrid Form has focus1100
error 80040203 - 'This key is already associated with an element of this collection' closing Access

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calendar control
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How to place a combo list in each row of a column?
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