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Sticky New Posts Control Fails to Load in Latest Office Version331,908 
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iGrid disappears from UserForms in Excel/Word VBA

New Posts GroupRowLevelStyles in ActiveX173
Group Row Text no aligned correctly

New Posts iGrid - Combo Dropdown2107
How to use a mouse wheel scroll to select the combo dropdown value.

New Posts Best way to populate the iGrid? +110304
To be able to edit the excel sheet

New Posts Displaying unicode9321
Does not display unicode characters (Korean) properly

New Posts Moving a row to the top of the grid and Scrolling to it1166
Is there a way to move a row to the top of a grid and scroll to it, in code.

New Posts combobox in cell usable with keyboard5262
combobox in cell usable with keyboard

New Posts TextWidth & ColWidth2214
Resize column to fit text for editable grid
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New Posts Selectable Attribute for Columns and/or Cells2167
Attribute is false, but it's still allowing me to edit the cell

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