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Sticky New Posts The expression you entered as the event property setting produced the following error0865
Error message 'The expression you entered...' appears when you switch to design mode

New Posts Error in design mode3108
Alerte box on design mode

New Posts Access crash when using iCellTextCombo084
When implemneting an iCellTextCombo with empty combo-contents, Access tend to crash.

New Posts ActiveX iGrid Combo with entering a new listitem2119
When a combo has been populated, is it possible to add an item at runtime?

New Posts (Solved) Extremely Large iGrid objects12656
iGrid objects are creating extremely large database files
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New Posts Events not Triggering in referenced iGrid Object using WithEvents1412
Events not Triggering in referenced iGrid Object using WithEvents
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New Posts ColDefaultCell Properties Not Applying Initially2403
They only apply on subsequent calls
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