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I am completly new to Grid using. I want to use ADO (also new for me) with Access. How can I save back edit data from the grid to the database. I didn't found an example.

Thanks for help.
We position our iGrid as an advanced editable replacement for the standard ListView and FlexGrid controls, and our grid control does not implement built-in data binding like those controls too. However, it does not mean we cannot do that using the rich member set of iGrid.

If you install the iGrid demo, you can find a series of related samples in the Editing Databases sample group. They demonstrate various data-binding techniques implemented with iGrid. For instance, you can cache user input on the field-, record- or grid-level, etc. In fact, you can implement any data update strategy, which can be more useful than having a hard-coded data-binding approach you can't change.

The source code of the samples is written in VB6, but you can use all the ideas in Access VBA too. To view the source code, you do not need VB6. You can open the source code of any VB6 form stored in the corresponding .frm file in any text editor like Notepad.