I'm new using iGrid and I have all my data in a grid, then I make some editing in the cells, and I cannot find the way to write back the info to the Access 2010 Database, Please help me with examples to do it, I'm using iGrid 4, and Excel 2010 as developmet platform using VBA.
I'll thank you very much.
iGrid is not a true data-bound control so it does not reflect data changes back to the data source automatically. From this point of view, iGrid is like the MS FlexGrid or even the ListView control.

However, you can implement any data update strategy using the rich set of iGrid members. The first event you should definitely look at is AfterCommitEdit. It is raised just after the user has saved changes in a cell.

The main iGrid demo has a set of samples that demonstrate various database update techniques (caching of changes on the field-, row- or grid-levels). The code is VB6, but it can be viewed in any text editor and used in MS Access VBA. If you have any troubles with implementing this in MS Access, feel free to ask us more.
Thank you, I'll look at the function and take the proper options I have. Best regards.