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I get 100.00 next to 11.59. I have seen many posts about sorting and the answer seems to be the .SortObject and the SortType. I have the column defined as:

With .Cols(9)
.Width = 90
.Text = "Payment"
.CellStyle.FormatString = "{0:d}"
.CellStyle.TextAlign = iGContentAlignment.MiddleRight
.SortType = iGSortType.ByValue
End With

After data is loaded and the above column is calculated I use the following code.

With G2
.StaySorted = True
.Cols(9).SortType = iGSortType.ByValue
End With

I get the same answer if I click on the column heading. I know I am missing something. Please enlighten.

lp, it's very hard to answer your questions as we do not see the whole code. To understand the question and answer it correctly, we need a sample PROJECT (all files) we can launch on our computers.

Just looking at this post, we can say that the data could be not in a numeric format - but we cannot say it for sure as we do not have the code you use to calculate your cell values.