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New Posts Combo Box List change based on another combo in same row2332
Dynamically changing the list based on another combo in same row

New Posts Use of RowIndex3421
Access ID

New Posts Reference to VBRUN.DataObject72,756
The OLE... Events need a Reference to VBRUN.DataObject

New Posts AfterAutoGroupRowCreated not always called101,441
AfterAutoGroupRowCreated event isn't fired in MS Access after double-click

New Posts Problem with SUM recalculation8500
After change cell in Check Boxes column iGrid dasn`t recalculate after new grouping

New Posts Issue when no internet2336
Small app has issues when no internet

New Posts Access and igCellTextCombo Crash5492
Access crushes when combobox is dropping down.

New Posts Flickering due to iGrid redraw in MS Access (combo box cells, ...)97,592
iGrid flickers using combobox cells or if an image on an MS Access form is being changed

New Posts MS Access check box on iGrid1540
Having problems displaying check boxes in MS Access 2010
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