Poll Question : Which format should we use to export iGrid contents?

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From time to time we receive questions about the ability to export the contents of iGrid.NET into a file of a well-known format. The most frequently asked format is a file of the MS Excel format. The others two - XML and PDF.

We established this poll to know whether we need to create this functionality in the form of add-in (like iGrid.NET PrintManager) and what features add to it. If you have any suggestion of how it should look and work, vote and place your comments here.

Our current thoughts about this functionality are the followings.

First, we could use a so-called Excel XML format to export data, and in this case we will have even two capabilities in one: a file which can be opened in MS Excel and as a standalone XML. A good example and a quick introduction to this file type can be found here:


The only minor drawback with this approach could be the impossibility to open this file in MS Excel prior to the version 2002, but we guess it's not principal today when presumably about 90% of pc's with MS Office has MS Office 2003, 2007 or even 2010.

If we just need to export the iGrid contents as data with minimal formatting, such a file would be enough, but if your customers need to have a good printable copy of iGrid, then most likely we'll need it as PDF. This format allows us to have an iGrid representation very close to what we see on the screen (including images, etc), and we could have something as our PrintManager's output but in a file we can send, open and print on any computer.

What's your opinion? Your other suggestions are also welcome!

Don't forget that you can vote for several options.
Nowadays open source documents are becoming more prevalent. I don't know how much work is involved in creating an export format, but I feel it should include the .ods format as well, though I accept that a product like Open Office will read any xls/xlsx/xml file.

Whilst talking spreadsheets, I would like to digress a little here. One functionality that I do particularly miss in the grid is the spreadsheet type filter ability through an icon in the column header. It can be found in competitive grids and I consider it a must for an up-to-date grid component.