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Can we have road map for the new release ? any new futures ?
How abt WPF/silverlight version ?

A quick overview of our current state and plans is the following:

1) Looking at the market demand, we see that WPF is already a serious developemnt platform, and it makes a sense to implement a special totally-WPF-based version of our iGrid. The works are already in progress, though it will take a significant amount of time to learn all the features of the completely new platform and design iGrid specially for it. We will try to create a first good market prototype till the end of 2011.

2) As for Silverlight, we will see whether it will be possible to create two versions of iGrid, WPF and Silverlight, from the same source code just by compiling it for the two different target platforms (we always keep this in mind). However, iGrid for WPF is the priority project looking at the current tendency of the Silverlight positioning.

3) iGrid.NET (iGrid for Windows Forms) is still supported and will be developed in the future, though we will be focusing more on iGrid for WPF. iGrid.NET in its current state is exactly what we wanted to implement on start (and even more a little bit), i.e. a lightweight, simple but adjustable control which can be used as a good, editable and cheap replacement for such standard controls as ListView and DataGrid. We would not want to bloat it a lot by implementing many new "super"-features and make it a clumsy and complex monster. Among the planned big updates are the cell merging feature and an add-on called "AutoFilterManager" which can be used to add a filter row at the top of iGrid like we can do that in MS Excel or Access.

We are also going to abandon the support of .NET 2.0-3.5 in iGrid.NET and compile it only for the .NET 4+, but we will see whether it makes sense looking at the requirements of the existing customers whose opinion we always take into account.

If somebody has any suggestions for the future versions of iGrid, feel free to post them in this topic.
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ok, thanks for your explanations.
Maybe we can add Master-Detail record presentation in the next release if it's possible and doesnt make it complicated.