Hi everybody,

Is there an easy way to know the iGrid release by code ?
Does iGrid embed such a function?

Thank you.
Do you mean the full version number of the used iGrid OCX? What is your scenario in which you need this?
Hi Igor,

For the moment I use the iGrid version 6.0.38.
To answer your question, yes, I would like to get the full number version that is in my case 6.0.38.

The reason is that my VB6 apps are centralized on a file server. Only ActiveX are registered on local pc.
So, exe files are not deployed on local PC.

From time to time I upgrade the EXE file on the server.
Because of that, I would like to know whether the current iGrid version running on the user pc is the proper one or not.
I am aware that this check can only be done with minor releases.

I hope I was clear...

Do you want to write an app that checks whether the OCX file on client computers has the corresponding version number? There are tons of Internet resources that demonstrates how to retrieve file version in VB code. Here is the first one I googled: 
I know this way you propose. But your example needs to know the correct path of the EXE file.
In my case, I am not sure to find the Ocx file always at the same location. I could know it by reading the registry but it becomes a bit too much...

Knowing that your iGrid is so complete, I thought that it could give simply this information...

Again thank you for the time you spend answering us.
Perhaps, I do not understand. Do you need an iGrid property or method that returns the OCX version? In this case you need to create an instance of the control in a form in your app, but if the client's computer does not have the correct version of the OCX installed, you even will not able to launch the app.