Hi Igor,

I am trying to replace the common TreeView Control with your ActiveX control.
Building up the data for the treeview is really easy, but formating the grid
is not that easy as I need different column width for the different tree levels.
Finding a column layout that "one size fit them all" is difficult, it would
get a lot easier if we could specify igTextOverflow as ETextFormatFlag,
meaning that the text will overflow in the next adjacent cells, if they are empty.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the current grid drawing code does not allow to do that so easy.

And frankly speaking, it would have a strange look if we had this. Can you give us some screenshots? Maybe, it should be so, or we could suggest another better layout you can use in the current implementation of the control.
Attached you will find two screenshots from a part of my application where I tried to rebuild a hierarchical relation ( Country - Postal Code - Customer - Orders )
I can either resize column 2 so that it will fit the postal area but cutting the country name to only 2 or 3 letters,
or I can enlarge column 2 to the longest country name but wasting space for the following columns.
It would be nice if I could resize column 2 to fit the postal area, but the Country name will overflow to the empty cells to the right and not get ellipsed.

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KGunder attached the following image(s):
Now understand. Your dark blue country rows are used like group rows with totals by every country. In this case you could use real group rows instead like on my picture.

In the simplest case, if you need the sum for the last column, you could display it right after the country name. On my picture I placed them at the right, but this requires custom drawing. Note that this approach also allows to save some space as total values are generally wider than the values they are calculated for.

Sure, this approach can be used only if you have 1 column with total values. In the case of several columns with totals I would use a real tree. Just for better representation, you could combine the first two columns into one tree column and use tree lines in it.
Igor/10Tec attached the following image(s):