Piotr Pikielny
I've been using iGrid for a while and I think it's great.
Today - for a first time - I've tried to apply auto-filter in application I've been working on. The problem I've encountered is the following.
Item lists of all filters are populated with correct values. However, when I make any selection (e.g. value "Started" in column "Status") and apply it, all rows disappear and item lists of all filters look like this: "Started (absent)", while each filter has its own correct name.
I've made a simple test project and everything works as it should be. What am I missing?
To understand what is going on, we need a sample to reproduce the problem on our pc. Keep trying to reproduce the error.

If it's not possible, record a video of the problem or at least send us some screenshots demonstrating what you are doing step-by-step.