I'm using igrid activex in microsoft access 2016 32bit, because i would like to have features like multiple selection and copy one field to many fields, in access datasheet or subform i can't have these features.

I've been able to add the control to the form and populate the grid with data from a table recordset << iGrid1.FillFromRS recordsetName >>. After populating the grid they come all as textbox, i guess.. But what i would like is to inherit from the table the data types and if their control is a combo box inherit that from the table, same as dates etc...

Not sure if this is possible, but any help is appreciated.
iGrid recognizes only numeric and boolean fields and creates check box columns or right-aligned text columns for them respectively. It seems, there is no need to format date values anyhow so iGrid displays them "as is".

As for combo fields, you need to create the corresponding combo lists yourself and attach them to the required columns. iGrid can help you with populating combo lists from the database because the ComboObject also provides you with its own FillFromRS method.