Chris Locke
I'm updating an application from using old v2.5 iGrids (ActiveX) to v4.7 (we've recently bought v7, but getting this part done first)
and one 'feature' that seems different is that with grids that have a combobox, say contains "andy a", "andy b", "brian", "charlie" and "david". If the user typed 'a', the first 'A' entry would be selected. If the user typed 'a' again, the second A entry would be selected. This doesn't seem to occur in v4.7. If the dropdown is used, the keyboard cannot be used at all. if the combobox is just selected, the user can press 'B' to dropdown to the start of the B entries, but then the keyboard cannot be used.
Is there some additional flags to set, or has the feature like this been removed?
The latest versions of iGrid implements incremental search for combo lists. If you press 'a', the first item starting with 'a' must be highlighted. If you press 'a' again, the first items that starts with 'aa' is highlighted if any an so on. This is a feature documented in the CHM.

Check whether iGrid works this way. Check this with the latest release (v7.0), and if it does not work as described, send us a sample for the further consideration.
Chris Locke
Thanks for the reply.
We've got v7 but that version isn't used in this application yet.
Couldn't seem to get this working using a v4.7 activeX grid (not once the drop down was down) which seems different from the behaviour of v2.5 ActiveX grid. Just seems once the dropdown is down, the keyboard is ignored, so wondered if that was a switch somewhere, or just something improved in the later versions.
Perhaps, there is a problem with combo lists in the v4.7 that was fixed later. But to be sure, I need a sample to reproduce the problem.

However, it can be already fixed in the latest v7.0, and we always recommend using the latest version because of that.
Chris Locke
Thanks. Its taken a while to update from 2.5 to 4.7 (our current 'standard' version) but have bought v7, so the upgrade from 4.7 to v7 will be next. Hopefully that'll be less problematic (less code changes).

I'll send a demo project, but this is the current 'feature' where the user can use the keyboard. Pressing 'P' cycles through the available P entries, etc. 

and this is the same form but using v4.7 

Hard to see in the demo (obviously) but pressing 'P' when the dropdown is down doesn't select any entries. Have also tried pressing 'PR' for one of the entries, but that doesn't work either. Once down, the dropdown doesn't respond to the keyboard.

Was just ensuring it wasn't a simple option somewhere...
As I understand, the first video is for the v2.5. But can you record a video for the same screen but with the iGrid 7.0 onboard?

And there is no option to control incremental search, it's just an intrinsic feature.