It seems that it is not possible to change the height of the header.
The property exists but it seems ineffective... (iGrid.Header.Height = ...)

If I change the header height value directly from the IDE, the height is correctly apply in the grid.
When executing the application, the height has turned to the minimum size (corresponding to the header font size).
And if I change the height value by coding it, still no effect...
What's wrong ?

Thank you !
Here is the pertinent excerpt from the manual:


Automatic height adjustment for header rows

iGrid automatically adjusts the height of its header rows in some cases. By default it is done when you add a new column, change the contents of a header cell, or when the OS visual theme is changed. You can prohibit this behavior or define the set of situations in which iGrid should automatically adjust the height of header rows using the AutoHeightEvents property of the Header object.

The default value of the iGrid.Header.AutoHeightEvents property is the combination of the following flags: OnAddCol, OnRemoveRow, OnContentsChange and OnThemeChange. Thus, you can't change the header height with its Height property because the header height is automatically adjusted to display column header contents.
Hello Igor,

A big thank you for your answer.
As you said, the manual explained the thing ...
I missed this excerpt :)

And for me, the Igrid remains one of the easiest and most complete grids to use.

Thank you for your job.