I have compiling to the new Net 5 that came out a couple of days ago.
I have a reference to "TenTec.Windows.iGridLib.iGrid.v10.0.dll" then I try to add it to my toolbox
I get a message saying added but they're missing
If I remember correctly, when we tested iGrid.NET in .NET Core 3.0/3.1, we needed to recompile the control for this framework. It appeared on the toolbox only after that. That's why we have the 'iGrid 10.0 Core.sln' solution file in addition to the traditional 'iGrid 10.0.sln'.

Well, we were also going to test iGrid in the fresh release version of .NET 5 in the nearest future. We will reply in this topic after doing this.
when you say in the nearest future is that in a couple of years or like in a couple of months?
It was a matter of several days :)

I raised the priority of this request and played with iGrid.NET in a WinForms .NET 5 app. I could easily recompile the existing source code for .NET 5 with some minimal changes like setting the corresponding target framework. But when I created a new WinForms .NET 5 project and tried to add the recompiled iGrid to the Toolbox, I got the infamous problem that a component "targets a platform whose toolbox items cannot be enumerated dynamically":

iGrid for .NET 5 - Toolbox Issue.png

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It seems, Microsoft is not going to fix this issue since the days when they introduced support for WinForms in .NET Core 3.0/3.1. Here is a similar bug report on the Developer Community forum with the latest post confirming that the same problem persists in the public release of .NET 5 and VS 16.8/16.9:

Toolbox's Choose Items still cannot browse a WinForms or WPF .NET 5.0 DLL for user defined controls. 

As far as I know, the only viable way to use iGrid.NET in .NET Core 3.0/3.1 and .NET 5 is to add it from code like it is described in the following article on our website:

Native .NET Core WinForms Grid Control - iGrid.NET 

Here is a visual proof:

iGrid for .NET 5 - Sample Form.png

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Believe, I really did this in .NET 5 🙂
Here is an article from the Visual Studio Magazine:

.NET 5 Arrives 

And the pertinent excerpt:


In announcing the .NET 5 GA release, Microsoft noted that the WinForms designer was updated in Visual Studio 16.8 to support all Windows Forms controls, but "Data binding and support for a broader set of third-party controls is coming soon."

So, waiting for "support for a broader set of third-party controls".
I know this is a bit late, but what I have found is with some third-party tools, I have to remove the toolbox items and add them again from the add components option. I'm not sure how the toolbox works under the hood. It seems to me that the 'old' toolbox items are linked to the old version of the component.
The developers will be able to add iGrid.NET to a form in .NET 6 at design time. Read this:

iGrid in WinForms .NET 6 project at design time