With Visual Studio 2005 if I try and Add as a toolbox items the TenTec.Windows.iGridLib.iGAutoFilterManager.v4.6.dll I get error that ... is not a Microsoft .NET module

With Visual Studio 2010, if I try and Add as a toolbox item it I can add the DLL and select the named items ie. iGAutoFilterManager but then the items do not appear on the Toolbox dialog

When I try and open in VS2010 the GroupRowCOuntManager the Microsoft Visual C# Intellisence crashes
gmorris59 attached the following image(s):
If you use the latest build of the control and the AutoFilterManager add-on, you have the builds designated for usage with .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. VS2005 is used together with .NET 2.0, but it should not support higher versions. That's why you cannot add AutoFilterManager to the Toolbox.

As for your problems with VS2010, are you trying to use the component for a project with the target framework set to .NET 2.0?