i use the igDropDownList class (very helpful) in my program i have the following issue. I able to doubleclick on a selected DropDownList item. After this the text in the igDDL change in a editmode.
After this every mouseaction or Keystroke trows an error (ESC) key is the only one that helps. How can i protect the igDDL Items that they can not change in the mode?
regards Thomas

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Here is the answer from the manual:
iGrid1.Cols[0].CellStyle.TypeFlags = iGCellTypeFlags.NoTextEdit;
Just specify the NoTextEdit flag for your cells with the drop-down list.
Hello Igor, thank you perfect. A question why must i set this manuel?
For me, if i use a dropdownlist i want to give the user a selection. The source of the dropdown is in my way a database table.
I will find it helpful when the TypeFlags, if an DropdownList is set to the col, it will automatic set the Typflag to noTextEdit?
Regards from munich,
First, it works exactly like the WinForms ComboBox control with default settings. If you drop it onto a form, its DropDownStyle is set to 'DropDown' allowing you to enter arbitrary text or select it from the list. If you want only to select from a list, you must change DropDownStyle to 'DropDownList'.

Second, look at this from the point of view of 'adding features to existing ones'. If you have a text cell and adds a drop-down list, you ADD something to the existing functionality and this should not disable anything you had earlier. In other words, what you already have - including text editing - must work after adding a drop-down list until you disable this explicitly.