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I just upgraded from iGrid 3.x to 4.7. Everything seems to work ok, except any reference to .redraw results in an error message about it not being supported in the object. It worked in 3.x.

Am I doing something wrong? If not, what gives?

We go forward with each new version of iGrid, and sometime we need to break the backward compatibility to introduce new more progressive features. The same concerns the Redraw property. Open the '10Tec iGrid 4.0 - What's New in Release.pdf' file supplied with control installation to read what happened. To save your time, here is the corresponding excerpt:


2. [New, Change, Removed] iGrid no longer supports the Redraw property used to turn off the redrawing of the grid while you are performing a series of changes in the grid. Now you should use the BeginUpdate/EndUpdate calls for that. These new methods should be used instead of setting the Redraw property to False and True respectively, for example:

With iGrid1 
   .BeginUpdate ' instead of .Redraw = False in the previous versions 
   .ColCount = 6 
   .RowCount = 30 
   .CellValue(1, 1) = "Some text" 
   .EndUpdate ' instead of .Redraw = True in the previous versions 
End With

But these new methods can do more: the calls of these methods can be nested - what is not possible
with the simple Redraw property. This means that all BeginUpdate calls should be paired with the corresponding EndUpdate calls, and only after that the grid is redrawn. This is very useful if you have some subs that can update the grid, and these subs can be called from other subs which also update the grid. Then you can have BeginUpdate/EndUpdate in all these subs, and the grid will be updated only after the last EndUpdate method is invoked.

You can always ask us about any similar issue, but we also recommend that you search the What's New files supplied with the control first before you ask a question. These files are comprehensive descriptions of all the changes we made, and using them you can get a good detailed answer to your questions much faster.
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Thank you. That clears it up. I did look at the update list, but I guess I had skipped so many versions that I didn't look every where I should.
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